Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I could have done so much with additional textures,( Hulk's skin, the mashed pots, table). And shading. But it's for the Weekly Themed Art Blog and it's a bit of fun really.

F@@k it I threw some overlay on!

Brighter n more perkier yeah?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Strontium Scanning

I got the scanner going again and began messing with pencil in my usual lazy rulebook defying, ends up being just as hard work to accomplish and doesn't quite accomplish, the desired effect, ways. This time in the new place, Del Rancho Rothwell. Has this made a difference? Well... Lets run through the process.

First up: initial pencils to scan;-

Big klunky file with the best of intentions. I'm not happy though and make the first of my alterations

Hmmm, well it breathes a certain lfe into it and for the schedule and purpose it can stop right there. Job is good enough. It's clear, defined and there are a few lessons learnt with suggestions for more coming from the piece. This is what I refer to as concluded.

What if I added a little colour? This can make or break my mojo. Nevermind here we go..

Well, okay, the lights growing dim and I go with a loose colouring technique first seen with earlier #PS=.
I like the non insistence of it. Quite like the prism of brown cutting through the greens and yellows. The sharper reds solidifying the guidance. Mnyehh, not bad. Could be better, could be worse. Leave it for today I think, then... I found the equalise button. It brings back all the pencils and does a lovely job of giving the colouring fluidity. Still loosely put all the same. It still, for me refers to all the great 2000ad artists who've given Johnny Alpha an adventure or two. So, not being perfect for me it does please me. For now... 

What will happen if I add some electric blue to the mix though eh?  

Nearly ok. Just need as much exp points as the Squirrel to be able to pull it off less jarringly. Overall though, nice finish.

Monday, 14 April 2014

WIP Brushes [concluded]

A little more tinkering with this and I'll be very pleased with trying something new. Or more grounded.

Final sizes?

first finish. loving the crispness of the animals' coats here. But do I need to fix the vegetation separately? And each narrative for that matter.. Wall, fence sky, trunking...?

Tweaking helped even if it meant seeing alternatives with soft light colour filters and back again just to adjust the levels on the protagonists of the piece. I'm confident this is where it should be left. 
I'm thinking of printing though and may reprise it in photoshop for some texture mapping.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Haizea Is coming soon!

With DUE DATE fast approaching I promised to get our newborn's room a mural done. This weeks' WTAB gave me an excuse to slip some tryouts under my nose see how confident I am. Have to say, if I can capture the magic in real paint as I've done here I and hopefully Haizea will be well pleased.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

2000AD Art Comp/ Back on the horse.

Though it is known for it's futurism, 2000AD often has a lot of environments you could argue are based in history, a lot of the times via a future vehicle. Be it dimension jumping, time travel or plain alternate realities. This is jyust another of the many feathers this anthology's cap is capable of. In particular 2000AD has had quite a few forays in Olde Londone Towne.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Anarchy f*** u mother f*******zzzz. You bore me.

Actually it is for a reasoned debate over at Weekly themed art blog. The theme being PUNK.

Monday, 10 March 2014

2 New News.

Week offline has borne lovely painty style fruits.Up top my homage to Egon Spengler aka Harold Ramis who did die recently ( About 2 weeks ago from blog date) Our thoughts are witth the fans and family. And EVERYONE who knows Ghostbusters. Which is literally EVERYONE.

Next up is a lavish Land of the Young from Pat Mills' Slaine Epic that ran through 2000ad for 2-3 decades. Tha's longevity that is! And that is for 2000ad online comp.